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Hey Stylists:

Do you feel uncomfortable trying to figure out what to do for your clients with thinning hair? You know that this is a real thing. They need empathy and solutions, and you need the information that will enable you to help them feel better in your salon. So, why are we all still awkwardly dancing around the subject when we could be empowering these clients and growing our businesses?
Don’t we want
everyone to love being in the salon?

If your answer is YES, as a pro stylist and human, please join me for the e-Course I created to help navigate this touchy subject with both love & education and without hurting your client’s feelings.

I’m Christine. I have a big life and thin hair. I also have 20+ years of experience as a stylist who felt and saw how these conversations around thinning hair were holding everyone back. This is how and why BIG LIFE, THIN HAIR was born. It’s the natural and, let’s face it, WILLFUL result of personal struggle, searching, a love of hair, a love of my fellow womankind and A LOVE OF LIFE. This site and my new e-Course were born from the need to have an answer to the noise of “hair = beauty” or “we just can’t talk about it.”

My answer is LIFE IS BIGGER. So let’s start talking.

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