Now what?

You’ve found a stylist, or maybe not, but you’re working on it. If you're anything like me you have also been doing all your own research.

Some of you are experiencing medically or stress-induced hair loss. Others having thinning hair that is genetic. Some are losing a small percentage while others are visibly thinning to a point that is alarming to you. But, here’s the deal: no matter where you find yourself YOU NEED TO START DOING SOMETHING ABOUT IT NOW!

My blog, There is a Window, speaks to this, so I hope you’ll read it. Now is the time to get organized and move forward with a plan, because the honest truth is that hair will continue to thin over time. There are, many things however that you can begin to do to combat even more loss and make your current situation better.

Consider this your checklist! 

  • Have you found a good hairstylist who listens? If so, take advantage of what they know and tap into the treatments and resources available through him or her. Have your stylist give you a thorough scalp analysis and ask about products to regrow hair and improve the look of your hair? There are products to help you try to regrow your hair and others like powders, topical root sprays and root concealers improve the look of your scalp and hair. There are also thinning hair shampoos and conditioners out there. 
    The products and tools I trust are here, but there are lots of others to choose from.
  • Have you considered all non-surgical options?  
    • Photodynamic Light Therapy is growing in popularity and has seen very good results. But, don’t just buy something on Amazon. Get a medical grade system for the BEST results. Talk to your doctor to see if you are the right candidate for this.
    • I also encourage meeting with a dermatologist for an evaluation and recommendations, and consulting with a dietician who can discuss nutrition with you.  
  • There is prescription medication as well. PM’s are not for everyone and extreme thoughtfulness should be taken when considering the side effects of these meds when combined with others you’re already taking.
  • PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) injections are another option. As with everything else that is new and growing as a viable option, ask your doctor if this is right for you. This treatment involves a routine blood draw, extraction of your platelets and a reintroduction of them into the affected area, be it your scalp, under your eyes or into the skin elsewhere. This treatment can add external stem cells and help boost results. We will discuss hair replacement systems in another future blog post so subscribe to my newsletter and check the blog weekly.

The most important item on the checklist is remembering that patience and acceptance need to be a part of your strategy. Don’t try to conquer this list or even parts of it in a day. Reach out to the resources available to you and take advantage of the knowledge of stylists, physicians and other experts.

Now, you turn the page.