Stress-Induced Hair Loss - A Recovery Plan from behind the Chair

As women, we lose our hair for any number of reasons. Maybe you know why and if you don't, I hope you'll read Get the Facts, There is a Window and Your Story to empower yourself.
Sarah Roe (@sarah.eats.clean on instagram) suffered from stress-induced hair loss. Here's our discussion about her journey back to a full head of hair and what I did behind the chair at Wink and what SHE did with good nutrition. 
If you're a stylist, this is probably something you do instinctively, but listen to your clients and when you need to ask for more - ASK. Sarah opened up to me and that's when we started solving her hair loss issues.

Fun and important aside: we shot this at Folly Beach where we were surrounded by an amazing group of women. Some are small business owners, others are internet sensations, others are writing books or planning new ventures. For that 4 days, I was reminded again of the importance of surrounding yourself with good people. Good women, but just GOOD PEOPLE. People who will support you and lift you up the way I was able to lift Sarah and the way so many others push me forward with their positivity. My mantra is education, empowerment and love. Put the LOVE first by loving yourself first.