Video Interview with Brent Hardgrave of The Brent Brush.

I loved talking to Brent Hardgrave (@brentaroo, @thebrentbrush) about opening doors and opening eyes at the Hair+ Summit sponsored by Modern Salon last month in Atlanta. Words like "integrity and love" came up again and again at this conference where a niche audience and niche topics got our full focus and were discussed from a variety of angles.

What I loved about chatting with Brent was his passion for finding solutions to thinning hair, his work with extensions, understanding the biology of thinning hair and how that knowledge, love and expertise is transferred to clients. Like Brent, I approach thinning hair clients wholistically, but with the core values of empathy and only after doing my homework. Hearing Brent relate what he knows about working with a thyroid expert, how his Brent Brush was created and why he loves his work were all deeply gratifying to me.

Brent's book, The Hair Loss Master Plan and Brent Brush are available on Amazon.

Thanks again, Modern Salon magazine for the summit and time learning and mixing it up with other like-minded stylists. 
Enjoy the video, gang!