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It happened to me

2018 was not my favorite year, to say the least. I experienced unexpected hair loss on top of my usual, due to personal upheaval and the unimaginable stress that it brought with it. But I persisted. I survived. And I realized 2 things: what happened to me can happen to anyone, and I’m ready for 2019 with an abundance of strength, knowledge and excitement. You gotta live your life. Plus! I have a discount to help kick off this Big Year, too!

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Pop Culture Breakdown

Just wanted to share some thoughts about how pop culture speaks to us, worries, angers, inspires and informs us. Breaking it down in a little pop-culture round up.
photo credit of Beyonce: manrepeller

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The Doctor is In

Approximately one year ago, I chatted with my amazing friend, long-time salon client and my personal dermatologist Dr. Lisa May of Biltmore Dermatology. We talked female hair loss and the importance of answering questions that lead to the right diagnosis.

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Hair Plus Summit - I'm back!

I'm back from Modern Salon's Hair Plus Summit in Atlanta, where for 48 hours I was completely blissed out by the quality of information, amazing personalities, free-flowing idea sharing and crazy talent I saw. I'm just now coming down enough to talk about it. (Btw, ALL conferences, regardless of industry, should have this level of energy. I was alive. I was so in my element. It's like finding your tribe again after being away for a while. I was home!)


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There is a Window

I don’t know if there is any way to avoid a certain level of disappointment that women feel when they begin to accept that they are losing their hair. Time after time, I see women in my salon chair who have progressive thinning hair, but are still not able and ready to accept their future with thinning hair. It is nothing to fear, but rather embrace as an opportunity to take action. If you're moving through the stages of realization and have questions - learn about the reasons for hair loss. Read my blog, titled Get the Facts (August 29), and as always, get your doctor involved if you know you're on the thinning hair path and know, BELIEVE, that you're going to keep moving forward.

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A Letter to Hairstylists

I find it rather unfair that most marketing associated with thinning hair products uses models with ungodly amounts of hair. As someone with thinning hair, I know that these particular end results are unrealistic. What I have gotten really, really good at is working with my own hair to make it look more pleasing to my eye. 

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