The Doctor is In

I tell clients and my Big Life blog followers all the time that I am not a doctor. But I do know a few.
Dr. Lisa May has been a client of mine at Wink for many years and I've been her client at Biltmore Dermatology. We talk. We compare notes about the experiences and feelings that fuel women who are losing their hair.

About a year ago, Dr. May and I sat down in the salon and we swapped stories and information about her practice and my clients, thinning hair, how it's psychology and genetics and some of the information she needs to gather to help give a proper diagnosis when women come to her and mention casually, "I think I'm losing my hair."

Key factors and questions that Lisa brings up:
- When was the last time you thought you had a normal head of hair?
- What medications are you taking and how long have you been taking them? This include herbs, supplements and vitamins. What's the dosage and has it changed?
- What about stress in your life? What's going on that could be impacting you and what has changed?
- Talk about diet. As with medications or vitamins, what you put in your body can affect your hair.

Truth be told, I have these same chats behind the chair at Wink. I ask the same questions and wait to hear what might help me take a second look at their scalp. I spend more time with my thinning hair clients in consultation than with others because there is so much listening and sharing that goes on. 

You'll be seeing and hearing more from Lisa and my other expert friends in the months to come, so keep following me on social media and sign up for my newsletter if you haven't already.