Christine & Alejandro Talk Tools, Products and Secrets

Alejandro Jimenez is a PRO. He's a Master Stylist at Wink and is the CEO of I love having him on the Wink team, because he's an educator who's worked with some of the best stylists, clients and brands and he's transparent and generous with what he knows. Education is part of the culture and core values of my salon Wink and of Big Life, Thin Hair. Share what you know, with love!

On this afternoon, we sat outside the salon chatting about tips and tools, extensions, misperceptions and some simple rules as you move forward hoping to create volume for your thinning hair or just volume generally.

  • Get a great haircut!
  • Use products to add volume! Stylists for models spend HOURS before a runway show or shoot.
  • Do the work and with fine hair, remember that less is more!
  • Get a good brush!