Conditioner: Friend of Foe?

In short, Friend.
And here are 3 Reasons Why women with Fine Hair NEED Conditioner.

1) BEAUTY: Conditioner smoothes the cuticle which seals in moisture and reflects light. Conditioner is a sealant.
2) CARE. Conditioner helps detangle so you can be extra gentle when combing your wet hair. When wet hair is in it’s most elastic form and can break easily. Baby it when wet combing. A leave-in or a few pumps of a spray leave -in will help with a gentle brush or comb out.
3) HEALTH. Conditioner helps keep moisture in your hair. It helps with static, it emollient, it hydrates hair.

The hair that is on our heads is so fragile that conditioner helps it feel like soft, pliable hair, gives it shine, strength and health.
So, honestly all hair textures benefit from the correct use of a post-shampoo conditioner. Conditioner is vital to healthy looking, shiny hair, because it smoothes the hair cuticle -  the outermost layer of the hair and the cuticle seals in moisture and reflects light. 

Conditioner smoothes the hair cuticle aiding light refection and allowing for that glossy appearance that everyone loves. Conditioner also helps close the cuticle in order to protect your hair’s inner layer (the cortex) from damage and excess moisture evaporation. Plus it helps with those irritating tangles and breakage. The right conditioner works on your hairs PH and provides protection from UVA and UVB rays.

I hear clients say, ”My hair is so fine, my hair is so limp, that conditioner makes it look greasy."
What is actually making it look greasy is the outpouring of DHT on your scalp. In my salon I talk to my stylists about recognizing overactive sebum vs DHT on the scalp. This sounds gross, but when there is a lot of sebum present, we can smell it. When there is DHT present on the scalp, discerning stylists know that they're working on someone who is at some stage of thinning hair and there is a certain shine that is visible to the eye. 

A deep protein treatment is a great thing for you to ask your stylist for every time you go to the salon. You can ask for a bond multiplier – something that will increase ceramide.

I like to use a leave-in conditioner from Bosley because my hair can look too limp without it. I have tested this many times! This is also good because fine hair dries out quickly and this leave-in helps keep the moisture in. 

I’ve mentioned that wet hair is MORE fragile than dry hair because it has less of the hydrogen bond. I know from having fine hair myself that I need a leave-in that is bodifying and just a pinch of conditioner daily works.

I use Olaplex treatments often because they increase the disulfide bonds that are easily broken in fine hair. Disulfide bonds give your hair its elasticity and strength. Hydrogen bonds, on the other hand, are easily broken by the application of water and can be temporarily reset with heat until they become wet again (either from washing or humidity). My hair always feels more protected and THICKER after this treatment and … BONUS, it’s easy for you to do at home. I do this when I color my hair in my salon and at home. 

Taking care of thinning hair is different than taking care of "normal" hair, but it's doable with the right products. I hope you'll shop my store for a variety of gentle combs, shampoos, conditioners, and treatments. 
Bottom line is that our type of hair needs MORE love, more attention and that includes conditioner.