When you need grace and solitude where do you go?
When you need a muse to appear what do you do?

This is important work in your life – to find the time and place for you to restore and dig into what is meaningful and let the muse come through.

I’m in Jamaica now and with 13 other people. We are all here to relax. We are all here to find the muse. We are all here to feel the power of the I ( that’s my Jamaican take-away). We are all here to encourage and support one another because when you are surrounded by ease and beauty there is no other way than to embody.

When you have thin hair, action packed opportunities are moments to pause and think, what will my hair look like? This is especially true when you are around a lot of people in a 24 hour a day vacation mode.

What will my hair look like in the morning? Afternoon? Night? After being snuggled in a hat? When getting out the water? When wet and almost dry?

Will people see that I have hardly any hair? Will the negative thoughts that I have about myself come creeping in? How will I armor myself and protect myself from others' shame?

Admit it. We can think like this. BUT – what if that is all in my head and others are here to just love and support me? What if those around you are just looking at your heart and your soul and are along the journey with you to love you, hair or no hair?

Ask yourself who are the people around you that love you for who you are?

How can you bring more ease and beauty into your life?

What can you do daily to stop any negative thoughts that you have?

Who are your ride-or-die people that are with you through thick and thin?

Focus on those people, that specific love and impact, those muses and the light they bring.