BACK to the Hair + Summit! Bigger, Better, Stronger with a New eCourse and 20% OFF

Summer is officially over and I leave tomorrow for Modern Salon’s Annual Hair Plus Summit with my own presentation. I am launching a new online e-Course and in celebration of the new course and big things coming, I’m sharing some discount love with all of you subscribers who’ve provided inspiration and ongoing support for the growing world of Big Life, Thin Hair.

2017, presenting with Jeffrey Paul at the Hair Plus Summit

2017, presenting with Jeffrey Paul at the Hair Plus Summit

MY presentation is completely derived from the core values and the lens through which I look at hair loss and I’m looking forward to sharing it with fellow experts and peers in Atlanta next week.

For Stylists Who Want to Help Clients with Thinning Hair without being an “expert”

For quite some time and I’ve felt like the thinning hair conversation has been left out of salons and hairdressers have been too afraid to talk about it. At Wink I’ve been helping my stylists understand the enormous value of supporting thinning hair clients with love, by listening to their needs and by making them feel truly comfortable in the salon. No embarrassment.

I want to see more stylists bringing the conversation of thinning hair into the salon and normalizing it so that YOU can get turned onto the big life that you deserve to lead through the amazing experiences you have at your salon.

Screen Shot 2018-09-28 at 8.08.23 AM.png

I have an equation.

And that is what I aim for at Wink and what I want to inspire stylists worldwide to do.

Activate the core value of love!
Activate the core value of education!
Empower clients to make better choices for themselves!

That said: How about some LOVE…loving the hair you have on your head.

Summer Hair? Meet Post-Summer Hair Tips

Summer is the BEST and it can be the worst on your hair. Sun, salt, dryness. Two words: dehydration and frizz.

You need tips and we have them. I asked my colleague, Master Colorist Jordan Carlson, to talk about how sees post summer hair - and damage from the sun, salt water, chlorine, heat and outdoors - show up in his chair at the salon and to provide some tips. Knowledge is power, people, and we stylists are problem-solvers at our core.

Tips From Jordan Carlson | Goldwell Master Colorist

“End of summer hair is usually in need of a bit of extra care.

I like to offer a glazing service to my clients this season. What it does is help close your upset summer cuticle (the outermost layer of hair) which will make your hair smoother and shinier, plus we can also play with the tone a touch because it adds a veil of pigment that is very translucent and will bring your color to life with dimension.

I like seeing depth that isn’t too dark. This can deepen your look without getting ‘plunged into darkness’. Always a great finale to any color service.

On the technical side, what is actually happening is that a glaze will bring the hair back to a desirable PH. The hair mantle is between 3.5-4.5 PH, and that’s its happy place. Mechanical, environmental and chemical damage bring the PH of the hair higher than it needs to be which makes the cuticle angry. Doing a glaze will settle your hair back down and bring a healthy feel and shine back.”

Christine’s Tips on Post Summer Hair Love

“I love a classic hot oil treatment. My go to in the salon is Karite.
Two words FATTY ACIDS.

Fatty acid oils are great for split ends, too (though nothing beats a trim). Anyone who likes to keep their hair long should be doing something to bind the ends together.

Fatty acids reduce inflammation and nourish hair and reduce damage. Gosh, the hair just feels so yummy and it really helps with the dehydrated locks of the summer months when the hair is just searching for moisture.

I love to spray the Rene Furterer Karite Oil on the ends of hair, fine, blonde, you name it and pass my fingers through the ends then wrap the head in a hot towel.

The hot towel helps penetrate the oil and really enhances the experience for your hair.

Love it! You can do this at home!

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