How To Fascinate

My BFF recently saw Sally Hogshead, author/speaker and creator of How To Fascinate at a conference in Nashville. Sally’s 27 question test helps you discover your archetype and it’s primary advantages. Primary Advantage is your most effective mode of communication. When you communicate with this Advantage, you are your most fascinating and influential.

My BFF’s archetype is “The Rockstar” which I could have told you already.
Mine, “The Maestro” means I am:
1) ambitious
2) focused
3) confident

It’s going to take all those qualities to get this website to a place where I can help people. We all have our unique gifts that we bring to the world and it is really a shame and a loss if we do not share them with the world. Especially if what is stopping us from sharing our unique gifts are our personal physical insecurities.

Sally’s advice, which I agree with,  is to bring more of YOU to your brand, your business, your life. Share that with the world!