The Laser Cap Option

I like recipes: new, old, family, stolen from magazines. I like to see what people do with food. I like food and I love to cook.

I use the recipe metaphor when I'm behind the chair at the salon, when it comes to helping clients find a routine and plan that works for their thinning hair. What is their perfect recipe? I never diagnose, but I have done my homework and after consultations with clients, we can often chart a course for the immediate chapter. I also think that recipes change. Right now the recipe could be THIS but in 5 years it could be THAT. I know this first hand.

In THIS particular moment, part of my hair loss recipe is a laser cap. It's non-surgical and non-medicinal and that's where I am and want to be right now. I started using LLT (low-level laser therapy) when my mom was going through breast cancer and losing her hair. She called me to share about the cancer protocol and said, “It’s the hair loss kind.”

"Huh?" I replied, “The Chemo?”
"Yeah," she said.

Well, shit. She has already been dealing with hair loss during her adult life and even likes to make up for passing down the gene to me by slipping me some money from time to time. <smile>

Screen Shot 2018-02-11 at 4.26.36 PM.png

Since it's important to me right now to take the best care of the hair that I have on my head, I bit the bullet and we started using laser caps together.

After researching comfort, data, technology and customer service, I decided on Capillus.


BLTH capillus on CD 2018.JPG

I like the free feeling of having hair, in fact one of my core values is FREEDOM, and right now in this moment, I am not ready to wear helper hair (though all my gay friends suggest I do so). I like to feel natural and honestly it makes me feel youthful to have my own hair on my head. But for now, I like to ease of the Capillus, I travel with it and at best it IS helping.

What you need to know:
For years LLT has been regarded as one of the most effective non-surgical treatments of hair loss. 

LLT rejuvenates hair follicles, providing the nutrients and elements needed for healthy hair growth.

Many Capillus users and their physicians employ laser therapy to enhance surgical hair restoration results.

You don’t have to undergo an operation to couple LLT with another hair loss treatment, alongside clinically proven treatments like RF* and Tri.

Capillus laser lights are more powerful thanks to LED and therefore can penetrate the skin at a deeper level.

Here's the deal: There are so many factors to hair loss, it just gets to be a quagmire of what caused it and how to treat it. As I've mentioned, causes include hormones, heredity, lifestyle, environmental toxins, illness, autoimmune diseases, grooming habits, vitamin deficiencies, low iron, medications, lack of fatty acids, smoking, etc. As a stylist, I listen to my thinning hair clients and ask a lot of questions so that when we do put together a recipe to start for the NOW, we're considering both causes, her lifestyle, her core values and adding the ingredients that will help mitigate, restore or slow the loss. 

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