Loving Your Sleepy Head

If your hair is thinning, my first 3 tips are to avoid heat styling if at all possible, keep your hair clean (not washing does you NO GOOD) and to buy a satin pillowcase. They aren't just luxury items for reality stars on BRAVO. They are affordable and make an enormous difference over night.

I sleep on one every night and below are a couple of shots of my hair, first thing in the morning, after sleeping on my satin pillow case. My curls are intact; I don't have loads of hair on my pillow case and my friend V. Jean says I look like Sex on a Stick and "not bad for a white girl."

Sleeping on satin is the best. Satin won’t suck the moisture out of your hair like cotton and you’ll wake up in the morning looking like a rested Snow White rather than a grumpy old troll under the bridge. Seriously you will have less frizz because there is less friction from tossing and turning on satin. It’s especially great with my curly texture or any kind of tangly or textured hair. Friction = Frizz and breakage. And ladies, sleeping on satin FEELS good. It’s dreamy, if you'll pardon the pun. Your hair will look better in the morning and quite frankly, you've earned it. You know how putting on a new pair of shoes makes you feel different, improved, and special? Lay your head on a satin pillowcase, and you'll automatically feel like your best night of sleep is around the corner and your hair is getting the biggest love-up. Night. Night.

Here's the one I recommend from Amazon - under $20. 


I've discussed the shedding hair phase and several of my pals are in it. If you have a lot of hair coming out in the shower, or find that your hair gets super tangly- dry brushing helps. All of those hairs you find in your fingers, ponytail holders, and on pillows are shedding and they are stuck. If you brush your hair  (gently - before you get in the shower or at night) during this phase, you'll see fewer on the shower floor and can take better care of what's on your head.