Middle-Age Hair and Practical Care - Val's Issue

blth val hair generally.JPG

This is my friend Val. She's smart, funny, and motivated. She's always had great hair, but recently, she confided to me that she is losing hair: in big clumps. Val's mother has thinning hair and even got a hair transplant years ago, so the writing was on the wall. Val still has great hair, but it's changing, and it's time to address that change. So I sat down with Val to talk maintenance for aging hair. 


The first thing we talked about is her preferred method of styling her hair. Val is a writer who works from home, so she often tosses her long hair up into a ponytail to save time. But this habit is taking a toll. I explained to Val that tight ponytails, day in and day out, cause damage, breakage and stresses the hair. So she's switched over to a messy bun instead. You can see the areas around the side of her hair where her hair lacks integrity.

Val also confessed to me that only washes her hair 3 to 4 times a week, often choosing to put it up instead of washing it for fear of losing even more hair. On the days she does wash it, it's matted from the buns, which makes it almost impossible to get conditioner through without pulling her strands, which - you guessed it - makes her lose even more hair. She's left standing in the shower with hands full of hair, wondering how much more loss she can sustain. Thus, she feels that showering is the cause of her hair loss.

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I told her to:
(1) STOP wearing it up so tightly and stop with the constant up and down of the pony tail throughout the day.

(2) Dry brush her hair at night or before she goes into the shower, do this gently and this will help extract out the shed hairs that get trapped because we lose 50-100 hairs a day.

(3) Wash it more often! It's a misconception that too much washing causes further loss for women like her. That too, will help get out those shedding hairs and each time she won't feel like she's lost so much hair.

(4) Maintain the hair that she has on her head by using medicine for your hair. She started using RF80 once per week to see a reduction in shedding, and strengthening at the root and most importantly it helps her keep the hair that she has on her head.

Hair can "dread up" and tangle quickly with these shed hairs trapped inside with the rest of your hair. So it seems like washing is the enemy because that's when you have all of the pull out and shedding. So, hence women stop washing.  

For we women with thinning hair, we need to remember what is normal and what is not normal. Before you freak out, follow these tips and be patient. XOXO