My Top 3 Products RIGHT NOW

ZENAGEN  I’ve been using these products for almost 3 months now. It is a new product in the thinning hair world, based on NutriScience. This company has a hair treatment for women and men that you use every other day to block the DHT (dihydrotestosterone). It is not a clinically proven product like Rogain, but I have found that my hair is growing faster and the texture feels denser and healthier. Previously, I was using Bosley shampoo and conditioner, which I liked, but Zenagen has intelligent ingredients and I have been very happy with the results so far. 

XFUSION HAIR BUILDING FIBERS Xfusion is something I have used for a long time. I love to use this product when my gray starts to come out, which makes it look thinner. I especially like using this product when I have daytime functions out in the sunshine. This is not a product I use every day, but if I did, it would not harm my hair or stain my scalp. The hair building fibers give a very natural, bulky look to the scalp area. These are fibers you apply with the atomizer and you should purchase the atomizer accessory because it helps the product dispense in a way that does not create blobs on the scalp. You can get in the root of the hair to make it look seamless. These hair fibers are attracted to the positive ions on the hair and they create a denseness and appearance of fullness. This product is a go-to for me because it doesn’t have a tacky, sticky hair spray with color quality. I can be specific and targeted to certain areas like the hairline. It comes in white, red, black, brown and the colors are very natural. It is also called TOPIKK, but the professional salon name is XFUSION. 

DRY SHAMPOO – ORIBE TEXTURIZING SPRAY Dry Shampoo is a great product for certain types of thinning hair. You need to have a little more density to get the full effect of these products. If you are already progressively thinning and you can see your scalp, you might be better suited for a dry shampoo that has color in it. However, if you have a thinner type of hair that is limp, dry shampoo, especially this one by Oribe can give you so much body and the voluminous appearance. After you style your hair with your favorite styling products and you have blown dry, flip your hair over and spray a generous amount in it. You will get a nice texture and a nice full look. 
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