Scalp Health & Simplifying with Expert Christopher Langlois

I loved welcoming Pittsburgh, PA stylist, curly hair and scalp care expert Christopher Langlois to the salon to discuss scalp health, helping clients to simplify and where to look for the right info.

Scalp Care - Important Take-Aways:

  • Not everyone with a blog is an expert. Some bloggers are not licensed stylists and do not have experience with scalp care, hair care and thinning hair.

  • Some "experts" are paid spokespeople. Make sure that you're talking to and especially listening to those who know and care.

  • Not every trendy product is for you. Product build up is bad for your scalp and prohibits healthy hair care and growth.

  • Don't overdo it with products. Simplify under the caring eye of a good stylist. Christopher's clients tend to be the happiest when they are doing the least.

  • That's true with my clients. I tell them to have a gentle hair care plan that they can keep up and to stick with it.