Summer Hair - Discoveries & Tips

I spent a two week vacation with family headed up to Maine and back with many stops along the way. We rented an RV, I left the blow dryer at home and we all sought nature. It was Americana, for sure, but to me as a stylist and woman with thinning hair, no blow dryer was true liberty.

In two weeks we travelled from NC through TN, VA, MD, DE, NJ, NY, MA, VT, NH, and ME. Guess what I saw? Women with thinning hair EVERYWHERE.

I saw women with totally visible scalps laughing and eating lunch. I saw women with short and fine hair, almost bald, hiking in Acadia with people who love them.

I saw Indian women, African American, Asian, European Women, French Canadians all with thinning hair, all outside, all having a great time, all living their lives.

That’s not to say that their hair situation doesn’t bother them, but they are not hiding. They are living the one life they have and that is what we all should be doing!
Summer days can be hot, and hot sun on your scalp when your hair is thinning is not good.  Many a hairdresser has spotted skin cancer on a client's scalp with thinning hair, so protection is key!

Here are some tips to help you take care of your locks this summer.

1) Wear a hat.
whenever you can! Using shampoos and conditioners with sunscreen is good, but you need more protection on your exposed scalp.

2) Stay hydrated during the summer months.
As we age our facial tissues dry from the inside out. This is a natural part of aging. Proper hydration is super important, not just for your insides, but water hydrates your skin and scalp, too.

3) Go as natural as often as possible.
Avoid "blow frying" and heat styling. Be free!!

4) Be gentle on wet hair.
Wet brushing and wet combing hair can break fragile and fine hair. I love my wet brush and Janeke combs.

5) Continue your scalp treatments
I use Rene Furterer's Complex 5, because it rocks, and it makes my head feel oh-so good. Microcirculation and follicle stimulation? Yes, please!

6) Use the right shampoo and conditioner with sunscreen.
It will protect your color and your cuticle. I use Zenagen and Rene Furterer Tonucia.

7) Cut it.
Don’t let the sun, pool, beach, AC, frizz take you down. Trim the ends!

8) Deep Condition it.
For reals, this is the time to use it up! Lather it on and don’t keep it under the sink for a special occasion. Your fine hair needs it! My go to is RF Tonucia.

9) Finally, get outside.
Breathe in the fresh air, get to nature and soothe your beautiful soul!