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It happened to me

2018 was not my favorite year, to say the least. I experienced unexpected hair loss on top of my usual, due to personal upheaval and the unimaginable stress that it brought with it. But I persisted. I survived. And I realized 2 things: what happened to me can happen to anyone, and I’m ready for 2019 with an abundance of strength, knowledge and excitement. You gotta live your life. Plus! I have a discount to help kick off this Big Year, too!

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Can I Color My Hair - Podcast Part II

I'm getting serious, getting even more specific about what happens to your hair when you want to bleach it and even getting a little geeky with info. As with my last podcast - Can I Color My Hair, Part I, there's a lot to learn and, more important to you, practical considerations to have in your back pocket when you consider changes to your hair and meeting with your trusted stylist.

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