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The Opposite of Thin

I was looking up a synonym for the word BIG because I wanted to see what other words created that experience of “bigness.”  Of course, I looked and one that struck my eye was "voluminous." We toss that word around in the salon daily. Then, of course, I scrolled down and there were the antonyms for BIG and - low and behold - the first word that my caught my eye was “THIN.”  It really just pissed me off.

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Whatever Makes You Happy

Never Enough?

I see thinning hair everywhere. In the salon and behind the chair, I see all versions ranging from thick, medium , thinning, visibly thinning, to balding. For those clients, there is always a remedy, a snake oil, laser, crazy cap, stem cells or something that is available to try or buy.

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How To Fascinate

My BFF recently saw Sally Hogshead, author/speaker and creator of How To Fascinate at a conference in Nashville. Sally’s 27 question test helps you discover your archetype and it’s primary advantages. Primary Advantage is your most effective mode of communication. When you communicate with this Advantage, you are your most fascinating and influential.

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The Wen Lawsuit

I have been following this case for quite sometime. What we have in our world is a wild west of cosmetics. How do we know what is good for us? How do we know what to believe? We know that people are trying to sell cosmetics. I am in that business as well. It is multi-billion dollar business.

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