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Shedding Hair - Check In, Check Up?

Think about when you've had a shedding phase and ask yourself what happened 12 weeks ago? Did I go on the Paleo Diet? 8 weeks ago, did I have surgery? Did I have a change in medications? Was there stress in my life?

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When to Start Wearing a Wig?

Most of us don’t want to live without what we believe to be our “natural hair.” At the moment, I am not visibly ready for wig wearing. I am still discovering ways to keep the hair on my head and make it appear to be thicker, fuller, and more dense. I do have many clients who are past the point of “visibly” thinning hair, and supplemental hair would give them the confidence they need. Many women are living with hair loss, some since childhood and their teens, and this is due to genetics.

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