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A Letter to Hairstylists

I find it rather unfair that most marketing associated with thinning hair products uses models with ungodly amounts of hair. As someone with thinning hair, I know that these particular end results are unrealistic. What I have gotten really, really good at is working with my own hair to make it look more pleasing to my eye. 

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Everybody Has Their Thing

Some people’s issues are on the inside. Some are visible to the wide world. Knowing accepting this is part of dealing with your life. You cannot stand in your power if you're hiding from the truth of who you are - ALL of who you are.

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A Day at the Beach

If there’s anything a woman with thinning hair hates, it’s daytime events where the sun is exposing her scalp for the entire world to see. Equally devastating can be the harsh lights of an elevator or any place where florescent lights shine right on the head. I seem to have a lot of these events to go to.

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