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There is a Window

I don’t know if there is any way to avoid a certain level of disappointment that women feel when they begin to accept that they are losing their hair. Time after time, I see women in my salon chair who have progressive thinning hair, but are still not able and ready to accept their future with thinning hair. It is nothing to fear, but rather embrace as an opportunity to take action. If you're moving through the stages of realization and have questions - learn about the reasons for hair loss. Read my blog, titled Get the Facts (August 29), and as always, get your doctor involved if you know you're on the thinning hair path and know, BELIEVE, that you're going to keep moving forward.

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Drug Induced Hair Loss

A word on this topic: I am not a doctor, I can only comment on what I see with my clients in the salon and from the data that I collect. Most women have genetic female hair loss, but there are a lot of women who suffer from drug-induced hair loss.

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My Birth Control is F@!%ing Up My Hair and Skin

While we sometimes want to feel like a teenager again, we don’t want all the physical traumas that come along with it. My best friend is 43 (almost 44) and she has been having an outbreak of cystic acne. Her hair was also affected – it became dry, frizzy and even curlier than it was before (and that is saying something).

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Whatever Makes You Happy

Never Enough?

I see thinning hair everywhere. In the salon and behind the chair, I see all versions ranging from thick, medium , thinning, visibly thinning, to balding. For those clients, there is always a remedy, a snake oil, laser, crazy cap, stem cells or something that is available to try or buy.

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