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Fear of the White Ponytail

How do I try to describe my own feelings toward race and myself that have really stemmed from having challenging hair? And not seeing my hair or myself in these ponytails? Not to say that a long ponytail was my Hair Holy Grail. Rather, MY Holy Grail was big, curly, ethnic hair.

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How To Fascinate

My BFF recently saw Sally Hogshead, author/speaker and creator of How To Fascinate at a conference in Nashville. Sally’s 27 question test helps you discover your archetype and it’s primary advantages. Primary Advantage is your most effective mode of communication. When you communicate with this Advantage, you are your most fascinating and influential.

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Everybody Has Their Thing

Some people’s issues are on the inside. Some are visible to the wide world. Knowing accepting this is part of dealing with your life. You cannot stand in your power if you're hiding from the truth of who you are - ALL of who you are.

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