The Wen Lawsuit

I have been following this case for quite sometime. What we have in our world is a wild west of cosmetics. How do we know what is good for us? How do we know what to believe? We know that people are trying to sell cosmetics. I am in that business as well. It is multi-billion dollar business.

Most of my clients have a graveyard of products at home and they're always looking for the next in, "latest and greatest" to join the party.  And this goes for younger girls, too. The amount of products that they use daily is beyond anything I used or my parents generation considered using. We weren't bombarded with anything like what they are in terms of pressure - media and otherwise.

As for Wen, the case is mostly built around the emotional damages of losing your hair, again this is fascinating to me as this kind of emotional distress women with thinning hair deal with daily. The litigators and survivors will ultimately decide what happened and what the costs really add up to.

Here's the article.