There is a Window

I don’t know if there is any way to avoid a certain level of disappointment that women feel when they begin to accept that they are losing their hair. Time after time, I see women in my salon chair who have progressive thinning hair, but are still not able and ready to accept their future with thinning hair. It is nothing to fear, but rather embrace as an opportunity to take action. If you're moving through the stages of realization and have questions - learn about the reasons for hair loss. Read my blog, titled Get the Facts, and as always, get your doctor involved if you know you're on the thinning hair path and know, BELIEVE, that you're going to keep moving forward.

Many women come in and claim that their hair loss is only hormone-related…(aka ‘menopause’). Once we start talking and establish mutual trust, I am soon told that their mother, father or sister deals with similar hair loss issues. Beyond hormones, there is heredity.
I believe that women have a window between their 30s and their late 50s to really help control the spread of hair loss, but there are no ideal options. Before long, most women with female baldness decide to get a toppette, wear a wig, invest money in hair transplants or look into other very expensive treatments.

The best thing that women can do is to improve the quality of hair that is already on their head and help stimulate follicles that may live around the dead follicles. To do this economically, the first line of defense is a very high quality shampoo/conditioner that does the following:

  • Improves the quality of existing hair

  • Helps stimulate new hair growth

To see the benefits of a product, it takes time, sometimes 1 to 2 years. There are no instant results, as in most things in life. My top products are here.

From personal experience, I have used many different products and at the moment I am using ZENAGEN. I believe this product works and because of that, I sell it in my salon and on this site. I’ve been using ZENAGEN for nine months and am very happy with the results.

The second line of defense is to begin taking high-quality supplements like Biotin For Hair, Skin and Nails. Before you begin a new supplement, find out if you have food allergies and consult with a professional dermatologist or a reputable hair dresser who specializes in this knowledge. Seek a professional who really understands YOUR particular condition and will partner with you to find the best treatment. Also, look for topical treatments that are non-invasive and will help create even coverage on the scalp. Treating hair loss from a number of angles is possible and smart, but you want to make sure you stay healthy and do not disrupt other medications or therapies in your life.

Overall, the best line of defense is to try to save the hair that you have on your head before you find yourself in a position where it is too late, when your hair is gone and you don’t have anything to work with. At that point, you are looking at very costly treatments or replacement products.

And yes, it is a shame that it costs so much money to find hair replacements, because it is such a niche and a specialty. I believe there are a lot of predators out there, preying upon women in vulnerable positions. NOT MY GOAL. My goal is to inform and empower women who've found themselves in this boat.

Listen to the professional recommendations and take what you feel is the best fit for your body and your ethos and give it time. Wait to see if the products I and reputable others suggest are working for you before you give up and move on to something more extreme.

Most importantly, and I mean this wholeheartedly, there is no shame to your hair loss issue. Don't take on shame. It's not you!