When to Wear a Wig - Redux 2018 Podcast

With this podcast, I'm revisiting the topic of wigs. Over the last couple of years of working with more thinning hair clients, I've been asked dozens of questions, seen the concern and fear that comes with considering a wig and have helped women embrace them as an option and even a fun new addition to their lives. 



I wasn't quite sure until I started really specializing and focusing on thinning hair just when to suggest wearing a wig. I wrote a little blog about it, but I have to be honest, it was not really based on women’s real life experiences.

Wigs are super fun. I was a burlesque starlet at one point in my life, so that was a huge part of my identity and everybody in our burlesque group’s identity. We’d put on these wigs and have a good time.


But when you want your own hair and you're not getting any back because you have dead follicles and you’re experiencing permanent hair loss, you have to start really thinking, “OK what are my options and how comfortable am I wearing a wig?”

I’ve been in a coaching place with many women in my salon who have been coming to me for a long time with very, very visibly thinning hair… not just a little recession, not just a little bit of a widened part, but significantly thinning hair. These women have been spending a ton of money on hair color and on hair products to help grow their hair back and there is a level - a feeling - of frustration. They don't like themselves and they don't like their hair and they use terrible words to describe themselves, like “disgusting.”

So I started saying, “let's look into some wigs and hair toppers and other options and let's look at what we can do to make your life happier.” Ultimately that’s what I'm trying to do for the people I know and I love: those people who have been coming to me for years and trusting me. I want to help them to be happy. I want them not to be afraid to go out and I don’t want them to say things like “I'm disgusting” when they look at themselves in the mirror or worry if they have to get a photograph taken. I don't want anybody to feel like that when we have an entire industry that is built around helping women with thinning hair.

It does feel at times for them though a little bit like a final frontier, so it’s important to talk about some options like synthetic hair versus human hair, toppers versus clip and bangs, full wigs, why some wigs are so expensive, wig construction, etc.… it's all really fascinating to me, but it needs to be discussed.

The questions that women typically ask are, “are people going to notice that I'm wearing a wig?”
“Is it gonna fly off my head or blow away in the wind?”
“Is everyone going to be laughing at me?”
“How do I handle it if people notice that something is different?”

“Will they be chitchatting about it behind my back and how do I handle it at the office or with people who know me?

Among your friends and the people you know, they will probably know that you're wearing your hair differently.

Look, everybody has eyeballs, so all of those friends who are wondering what's going on with you, well they all saw your hair before. All of them saw that it was thinning. Maybe you talked to them and they know a little bit about the personal struggle and that you felt all tied up in knots about your hair. But that really is the best time to start wearing a wig: when the maintenance is just getting to be too much and you're not getting the results that you want, or you’re suffering and really want to feel more like yourself and if that means having hair then it's time to start looking at some solutions.

There are so many incredible products out there and there are so many great stylists out there who know how to take wigs and style them so that they work for you and are styled to fit you. The right stylist can help blend some of these hair products seamlessly with your hair.

I have recently been getting some toppers for some of my clients and it is a learning curve for them because you're clipping something to your hair. But you know, when you get to this point you know that now you’re in it!

And I say this: have fun with it. It doesn’t have to be a permanent thing or something you have to hide. You can decide if you want to share what’s up with others.

When you start worrying about whether you can go here or there or experience life then that is society telling you to question your whole existence which is complete and utter fucking bullshit and we all know it.

You are perfect just the way you are whether you have hair on your head or not. But if all the cosmetic and the topical treatments are just too much for you or they're too expensive or you're just tired of it, then the synthetic or human hair root could definitely be an option for you.

I'm sharing 3 supporting blogs below with you as well. One deals with discussions with thinning hair clients, and conversations of wigs; the second is my blog from a couple of years ago, where I first addresses wigs; and the third is one from last summer when I observed women from all backgrounds and age ranges with visibly thinning hair who were enjoying their lives and the natural beauty just like me and my family were. They weren't hiding, they were living.