Winter Hair Blahs

Seasons change and winter can be a tough time on thin hair. We have long said good-bye to the benefits of summer and humidity. All that summer moisture in the hair brings the frizz and with that it brings good density and some bulking.

In the winter, however your hair can feel thinner than ever, making you question everything that you are doing to keep the hair on your head. Most women feel that weight is their enemy and too much conditioner will weigh the hair down making it feel limp. This is true for those of us with thinning hair, for sure. 

The winter hair blahs are also caused by dryness. When the heat is cranking for warmth, it’s also wreaking havoc on your scalp and hair. Now is a good time for cleansers and conditioning shampoos that will add moisture back in the hair. In other words, don't over correct. Instead, I suggest making sure the hair is well-hydrated. Get your volume from styling products.

Here are some other tips I've found that really help:

  • If you’ve worn your haircut without layers in the past, now is a good time to add them. Going shorter with your layers in the winter can help if you have curly or straight hair.

  • Don’t skip your January haircut!

  • Whether you hair is curly or straight, get out your hair dryer and round brushes. If your hair is straight, it is key to get volume on the sides of the hair (parietal ridge) to create a full head shape and elicit movement in the hair.

  • Curly girls, tilt your head hard to the left and right while diffusing the hair.

  • Get deep conditioning treatments at the salon because they are awesome and do help with moisture.

  • Go a little lighter on the gels and mousses and try some thinning sprays, dry texturizing sprays, salt sprays and hairspray.

  • Only wear your hats outdoors and don’t make hats a winter must-have accessory for the indoors.

Don’t worry too much about good hair days. Just focus on dealing with the dryness and you will have a better winter season!