Your Hair and Your Gut Health - A conversation with Elyse Ulrichs

Like stress and heredity, your gut health can affect hair loss and your wellbeing overall. 

Gut health conversations are everywhere and while your diet is a piece of the thinning hair puzzle, it's an important one for some with thinning hair, and it's important to all of us for a healthy, satisfying life. According to my guest in the vlog, holistic nutritionist and chef Elyse Ulrichs, 70% of your immune health is gut health and taking care of it can have an enormous effect not only on your energy and hair, but your life. 

This is a meaty and longer video, but it's so worth it to carve out 25 minutes to listen to and learn from Elyse. She is the real deal and is not only on her own journey, but is helping many others on theirs.


Big Take-Aways:

  • Be your own advocate when talking to physicians and specialists if you find that your stomach and diet may be a factor in your hair loss. Speak up, do your research and ask others.

  • Learn about HCL - hydrochloric acid, good bacteria and your own gut health by talking not only to your GP, but to others in the gastroenterology, nutrition, herbal and wholistic medicine fields. 

  • Listen to your gut! Signs of bloating, excessive gas and lethargy could be signals that there is something in your stomach that needs attention.

  • Consume as much healthy protein, fiber and whole, raw food as possible, but make sure that you discuss any dietary restrictions with your physician.

  • Try to drink half of you height in ounces of water each day. A person who weighs 140 lbs, should try to consume 70 ounces of water.

  • As much as possible, eat in a parasympathetic mode vs sympathetic mode. Elyse talks about this in the video.

  • Don't focus on every aspect of your hair loss and gut at one time. It can be overwhelming and make you feel defeated. You can do it, but you don't need to make yourself crazy looking for answers in 100 directions. Be patient.