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Universal Themes of Hair Challenges

There are a lot of universal themes when it comes to hair challenges and care, and for some subcultures - like blondes, curly or African American hair - we do a great job in our industry talking about challenges, pain points, and the emotional ideologies associated with each subculture. But it’s time to start a dynamic dialogue between stylists and thinning hair clients.

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Pop Culture Breakdown

Just wanted to share some thoughts about how pop culture speaks to us, worries, angers, inspires and informs us. Breaking it down in a little pop-culture round up.
photo credit of Beyonce: manrepeller

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Your Ph.D (Professional Hair Dresser) shares a little MD

It's time for a little MD from a PhD (professional hair dresser), because I know that hair loss can be very confusing. Here's some help, data and love in a short podcast.

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Summer Hair - Discoveries & Tips

I saw women with totally visible scalps laughing and eating lunch. I saw women with short and fine hair, almost bald, hiking in Acadia with people who love them. Some summer epiphanies and healthy hair tips.

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Gender Inequality and Getting Passed Bald

What?! Women get screwed in gender and hair loss discussions. Bald men are beautiful and women run and hide in confusion, shame, fear and denial. This narrative is about to CHANGE. Starting with me and with you.

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The New Yorker | What's Wrong with Me?

"Online, I found a welcoming sick ward of fellow-sufferers, and I started to live there." This article in The New Yorker about auto-immune diseases and how we suddenly become the disease - let IT own US - is something I fight within myself and tell my thinning hair clients to fight as well. The undertow of emotion is there to slam you down, but you can get back up.

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