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When to Wear a Wig - Redux 2018 Podcast

With this podcast, I'm revisiting the topic of wigs. Over the last couple of years of working with more thinning hair clients, I've been asked dozens of questions, seen the concern and fear that comes with considering a wig and have helped women embrace them as an option and even a fun new addition to their lives. 

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When to Start Wearing a Wig?

Most of us don’t want to live without what we believe to be our “natural hair.” At the moment, I am not visibly ready for wig wearing. I am still discovering ways to keep the hair on my head and make it appear to be thicker, fuller, and more dense. I do have many clients who are past the point of “visibly” thinning hair, and supplemental hair would give them the confidence they need. Many women are living with hair loss, some since childhood and their teens, and this is due to genetics.

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There is a Window

I don’t know if there is any way to avoid a certain level of disappointment that women feel when they begin to accept that they are losing their hair. Time after time, I see women in my salon chair who have progressive thinning hair, but are still not able and ready to accept their future with thinning hair. It is nothing to fear, but rather embrace as an opportunity to take action. If you're moving through the stages of realization and have questions - learn about the reasons for hair loss. Read my blog, titled Get the Facts (August 29), and as always, get your doctor involved if you know you're on the thinning hair path and know, BELIEVE, that you're going to keep moving forward.

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