When I said my hair has taken up head space, as it were, my whole life, I wasn't kidding.

As a kid, I had straight hair. My sister and I had pretty epic bangs (read: shiny and beautiful) and then, puberty hit and my hair went curly. My first foray into wasting time and money on hair came out of a need to learn how to deal with the curls. I had lovely Botticelli ringlets and people commented on my hair all the time. I was really proud of my curly hair and saw myself as different. 

During college, I entered what I like to call my Nicole Kidman years - lots of hair, lots of curls - good times. It dawned on me though around this time that my mother and grand-mother's progressing hair loss might come my way. Genetic hair loss is in my family and it didn't take a lot of research or empirical data to show me my hair's future.

I graduated from college with a degree in Sociology and started my career in the non-profit sector with long hair and a determination to not let hair loss “happen” to me. After a few years, though, I switched careers -  ironically - and became a hairstylist. I opened my own salon, probably because I loved working with other people’s hair, and I especially loved listening to them and making them feel heard and cared for. 

I began to see more and more women suffering from female pattern baldness, thinning hair, genetic hair loss, etc., but what I didn't see were empowering and uplifting resources to help them. While my hair loss is genetic, there are many types of hair loss in women. In addition to the physical self-awareness in a youth-soaked and beauty-obsessed culture, the psychological impact can be brutal. There are as many questions and fears as there are heads, and I saw lots of otherwise powerful women feeling isolated and embarrassed about their hair loss. Add to that "helpful" friends asking about your thyroid, exercise routine and stress levels and it's no surprise that women were choosing to hide.


That simple fact is how and why BIG LIFE, THIN HAIR was born. It’s the natural and, WILLFUL result of my personal journey, my first person experience, professional expertise, my searching, my love of hair and love for my fellow womankind and my love of life. I decided to make peace with my hair loss, but never to give up.

This site is filled with great tips, tricks, insights, research, curated products and ways to plug in to help you keep the hair you have on your head, care for your scalp and keep growing as a person.

If you’re a woman losing your hair...

If you are a stylist interested in empowering others from behind the chair...

If you are a team lead at your salon, and want to be a catalyst for a real shift in your in house culture...

If you're ready for shift in your mindset...

This site is for you. It's about putting LIFE before HAIR.