Making Peace With Thin Hair



Thank you so much for being here.  I know you are eager to begin helping your clients with thin/thinning/aging hair and grow as a stylist. You can begin working with this clientele right now by using your effortless actions, the gifts that are naturally inside of you and education to be a success without being an expert. You really don't need to be an "expert" or receive a thousand hours of special certifications. You can start right now!

I'm a salon owner and hairstylist an I have very thinning hair. It has been a long journey for me to find answers for my own hair. I searched and searched for in my industry but failed to find what I needed. I had to go from the bottom to the top to find help. That's when Big Life Thin Hair was born. There weren't enough conversations happening about thinning hair aside from pity. Not only pity but predatory. Who was out there advocating for me, other women with thinning hair. Was I just supposed to quit my beloved profession because I didn’t have "good" hair? NO WAY.

It’s the natural and, let’s face it, WILLFUL result of personal struggle, searching, a love of hair, a love of my fellow womankind and A LOVE OF LIFE. It’s born of a need to have an answer to the noise of “hair = beauty.”

My answer is LIFE IS BIGGER.

I know personally how deeply it can affect you. At the same time, I am more than my hair style and I want other stylists to come together to help support each other, create a new context for the conversation and to elevate education and awareness about products, treatments and lifestyle changes to empower women with this condition.

In this course you will learn how to listen to the needs of your clients and understand the challenges they face in our industry. You can unapologetically and lovingly help be a part of changing the narrative about thinning hair for our clients. We can help and we can grow our business in ways that elevate and empower.  

Never again to we have to hide or not be able to talk to our clients when they say things like, " I think my hair is thinning". Now is the time for truth to power. The days of saying nothing because we are afraid to hurt are over, we can help!  We can promise to help our clients take the best care of the hair they have on their head. That is our promise to them and that we are not only on the journey of life, school, marriage, pregnancies we are on the journey of hair through thick and thin.

You can do it with this equation:


I have created a workbook for you to follow along with some videos that let you know about my experiences in the chair and how I see things, get some Mini Trichology, career coaching  and most importantly learn how to serve this client with LOVE+EDUCATION = EMPOWERMENT.

Don't leave this conversation to the beauty bloggers out there.! WE are the trusted, the professional, the licensed and through YOU... US our clients can learn to love the salon and love their hair again.

You're ready to learn. To get started click on Basic Course. You will download the entire workbook and follow along chapter by chapter. I suggest you watch the videos first and use the worksheet for notes and ideas that pop in to your head as how they relate to your current business.

I am so glad that you are here and would love to hear from you!


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Launching 10/30/18


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