Your clients are asking how to manage their thinning hair. You can start the conversation of thinning hair without being an expert.


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This e-course is a start.  It is a selection of my ideas and experiences working with thinning hair in my salon, doing the everyday things like love, educate and empower. This is the first step in how we can begin to generate awareness, compassion, and education without having to get any other major training.

The course chapters include:

  1. Welcome to Big Life Thin Hair: The lens and core concepts of Big Life Thin Hair and why the conversation of thinning hair matters.

  2. The Client and You: "You don’t have to be an expert but there is an expectation of care around the topic"

  3. Activating Core Values .

  4. Understanding Clients Pain Points and Universal Themes of Hair Challenges

  5. The Science of Hair and Hair Loss: A start

  6. How to Start the Conversation of Thinning Hair

  7. Education is Forecasting: Being a 401K Hairdresser

  8. Transforming Your Salon

  9. Empowered Clients and Solutions

  10. Extras: Nutrition and The Most Asked Questions

I want to live in a world where women with hair loss live BIG beautiful lives through the amazing experiences that they have with you.

You are equipped to have this conversation about a difficult topic for many women. And the proof is in the pudding. This is what happened at my salon when we focused on this segment:

    • Clients were happier and felt more educated, aware, and confident. They experienced the “feel better”…

    • We added and sold more products that can helped these clients making our business more profitable.

    • Added new revenue streams which includes retail, services and events

    • Employee credibility and knowledge grew

    • It further helped other segments in the salon, including our teens, curly haired clients , men, aging- basically EVERYONE.

    • We brought in new clients

    • Advocated for women with thinning hair in our industry

    • We created momentum around events, garnered community excitement and elevated the conversations around thinning hair/hair loss…

    • Create ripple effects in the world! 

I look forward to connecting!


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Launching 4/19


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