One of the first things to consider is choosing a stylist to be on this journey with you.

I’ve been in the business of hair styling for 20 years and I can honestly tell you that not every hairdresser is capable, patient, understanding or the slightest bit interested in your thinning hair. So when you find someone who is gentle, compassionate, knowledgeable, talented and likes doing your hair, stick with that person

Much of my skill set with thinning hair has come from my own long, personal journey with my own hair – first with challenging curly hair and then my changing texture to thinning hair.  Over the years, I’ve had my hair cut by many, many great hairdressers and most missed the mark. 

Most of those hairdressers approached my thinning hair as if it acted, operated and would look
like most of the hair they work with - i.e. their normal to thick haired clients.


As a stylist with thinning hair, I can tell you that our hair is different and must be approached by stylists wearing finely-tuned thinking caps. You're going to hear me say this from time to time, because it's important: 

A stylist dealing with thinning hair cannot be on auto-pilot. There is an art to cutting thinning hair, but that technically isn’t always what is important for you to be looking for. Do you know what I mean? There's more to it.

So, here are my tips for what you should look for in a stylist, if you have thinning hair:

  • Find someone who likes cutting thinning hair and who tells you the truth about your thinning hair.

  • Select someone who listens to you and doesn’t think your trepidation is crazy or annoying.

  • Seek a stylist who helps you really understand what you can do with the hair you have on your head. It is not realistic to bring in pictures of models from magazines, though not a bad thing if you have a hard time with words. Yet, It’s all about working with the hair on your head. Remember that it’s not always how much they cut off, but what they leave on the head.

  • Work with someone who talks you through the haircut and shows you what they are doing. Empowers You!

  • Find a stylist who uses tools that are gentle; uses combs that won’t rip your hair and brushes and hot tools that are gentle on your hair. We can’t afford to lose hair in the chair.

  • No tricky slicing or over-texturing – avoid this person at all costs.

  • Invest in someone who understands the thinning hair industry. It’s a big world out there. - - Your hairdresser should understand the WHY behind thinning hair products and which ones are the best for your hair.

Most importantly, your stylist should make you feel beautiful ... because you are.

Now - turn the page and write your own story.