I’m Christine

I help ambitious people take action and create their dream life.You can have it all. Anything you want.

Hi! My name is Christine DiBenedetto and I’m a life coach, speaker, entrepreneur and salon owner. Through my 1:1 and group coaching programs, social media, writing, events, and speaking engagements, I inspire, empower and challenge people to seriously step up their game.

I work with successful, smart people who have big dreams but are holding themselves back in some way and feel like there is something missing in their lives. My work is all about helping you unleash your inner badass, so that you can go do meaningful work in the world and have the impact you are here to have. Think that might be you?

I started this website as Big Life Thin Hair as a resource for women struggling with societal challenges of thinning hair and also a place where stylists, too, can find out how to help their clients seeking freedom from their suffering around the issue of thin hair. I wrote blogs, spoke at conferences, made videos, trained other salons in my “core concepts” and wrote an e-course. I kept sharing the story of my thinning hair and daring people to live bigger than their hair. I have a big life and thin hair. Big Life does not mean a shiny, happy all the time- life, it’s a life big big enough to have ups and down and hunger for more meaning.

I’ve have 20+ years of experience as a successful salon owner who felt and saw how these conversations around thinning hair were holding everyone back. This is how and why BIG LIFE, THIN HAIR was born. It’s the natural and, let’s face it, WILLFUL result of personal struggle, searching, a love of hair, a love of my fellow womankind and A LOVE OF LIFE. BIG LIFE THIN HAIR started about education, empowerment and LOVE. It helped me create clarity about universal themes of life and how all of us struggle. All of us. I hope you'll save your tears and realize that you are not alone. Join forces with me, and others, and let's create an informed, powerful community: a place for real women to learn, connect and inspire each other to skip being afraid and then love themselves toward a bigger, better life. Chrissy D Big Life is the result

who is Christine?

Christine is a lot of things to a lot of people.
Some people call her a stylist, risk taker, behind the chair therapist, coach, life guru, intuitive, humorist, and friend.
If we *had* to choose labels, we would boil it down to these 5 things:

✔ savvy entrepreneur
✔ educator
✔ life coach
✔ idea generator

✔ Truth Teller


.Figuring out your soul’s purpose does not have to be boring.

Truth Teller. Bullshit Cutter. Feedback Extraordinaire. Idea Generator. Secret Keeper. Level upper. Money Mindset. Change Maker. That’s me.

I am an entrepreneur.

I am a real estate investor.

I am a debt free.

I am a leader in my industry.

I worked in non-profit management and grant-writing, have traveled throughout the US,
lived in India assisting a Fulbright Scholar, worked as an educator, a platform artist and traveling stylist. I founded a theatre group, I was a burlesque starlet and mastered the art of tassel twirling, I am a salon owner and have managed a large staff. I offer classes for stylists about business, thin hair and curly hair. I’m on the Rene Furterer Pro Team. I’m a speaker. I host Touchy Subjects Asheville. I’m a business coach .I have two children and two cats I LOVE pilates, bodywork and movement. My life is BIG.