I have a BIG LIFE and thin hair. 

My hair has always been a huge part of my identity. It has driven my career choices, my own evolution as a woman and it was a catalyst in launching this site.

In order for me to be true to myself and thrive personally and professionally with my own hair loss, I had to create a place where I could share not only my own insights, but the professional wisdom, expert knowledge and mindset that has allowed me own my life and change the course of my salon and the team and teams I work with.


BA in Sociology & Anthropology with a minor in women's studies;
worked in non-profit management and grant-writing, 
lived in India,
founded a theatre group, was a burlesque starlet and producer,
worked as an educator for a major hair care line, 
been a platform and traveling stylist and educator.
I am a salon owner,
business & mindset coach;
an award-winning blogger, stylist, entrepreneur
and mother of two kids.

I've spent over twenty years talking to women and believe in the power of community, knowledge, sharing and making peace with where you are. 

When I started to explore options and seek information about my own hair loss, I was disappointed by what was available. Places I visited online did not represent my BIG LIFE, my zest for life and the quality of life that I live. Instead, they were reflective of women who were afraid, inhibited and limiting their lives in ways that scared me. They seemed hopeless and made me feel like my own future of insecurity and hopelessness was imminent. There was no central place of information or support.

BIG LIFE THIN HAIR is about education, empowerment and LOVE. These are core values for me, and they are part of the core values of my salon - Wink. We want to be happy, work with a sense of growth and joy and share that with the many clients we serve.

Empowering women with thinning hair, educating and empowering the stylists I've coached and worked with for over 20 years and sharing my first hand experience and professional insights have led me here.

My background...