"I have a BIG life and thin hair."

BIG LIFE THIN HAIR founder, Christine DiBenedetto, has been empowering women her entire career. She's the co-owner of Wink Salon in Asheville, NC where she loves curls, educating stylists, giving back to the community and giving a voice to women with thinning hair. "I'm going public with my biggest vulnerability if it will help other women." 

With a degree in Sociology, she ran a successful Women’s Center before leaving the non-profit world to pursue a degree in cosmetology. For almost 20 years, Christine has been helping women with their hair and perspective, fueled by her own story and her lifelong passion to help women feel more beautiful, more hopeful and more alive. 

If you would like Christine to speak at your conference, salon or group, please contact Catherine at Total Management Company at 615.509.7515. Thank you. 

"In order for me to cope and thrive with my own hair loss, I had to create a place where women like me could openly talk about it. Even today, hair loss in women is a taboo topic. When I started exploring options and information about my own hair loss, I was disappointed by what was available. Places I visited online did not represent my BIG LIFE, my zest for life or the quality of life that I live. Instead, they were reflective of women who were afraid, inhibited and limiting their lives in ways that scared me. They seemed hopeless and made me feel like my own future of insecurity and hopelessness was imminent. There was no central place of information or support.
BIG LIFE THIN HAIR is an answer to that sadness and fear. I believe in the power of community, knowledge and sharing. I hope this site and what grows from it will become a place for real women to learn, connect and inspire each other to skip being afraid and instead love themselves toward a bigger, better life."
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Featured in Modern Salon - September 17, 2017