Sept 15th - Touchy Subjects One Day Workshop for Women
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Sept 15th - Touchy Subjects One Day Workshop for Women

Touchy Subjects: One day workshop for women:

Are you ready to master the changes of thinning hair, your sexual health and a tech influenced world?


One day workshop that promised to be uplifting, engaging, education focused and FUN, focusing on a ray of "touchy subjects" that need an honest and open discussion.

Women get to the most powerful place in their life and their career and all of a sudden EVERYTHING begins to change, the hair changes, sex changes and the world around them changes. This can leave some women feeling left out, insecure and confused. Are you ready to get the right information about these issues from experts in the field and be a part of something bigger?


Christine DiBenedetto

Salon owner, founder of the blog,e course creator, and speaker. DiBenedetto is no stranger to pushing envelopes as the creator of Asheville's original award winning burlesque troupe The Rebelles Burlesgque, Christine 's passion is helping women be more comfortable in their own skin. DiBenedetto will share her vast knowledge and expertise about hair loss and hair health so our participants can make the best decisions for the future. Her extensive research on hair health and hair loss and give answers to all the burning questions women have about hair, hair heath and maintenance.

Brent Hardgrave,

Author of The Hair Loss Master Plan and celebrity hair extensionist for the Atlanta Falcons. Brent is a wealth of knowledge about alternative hair and can answer all the questions that women have about options, costs and new ways to look at hair health. Brent’s work has been seen in music videos, movies, and magazines and on television and high fashion runways. Brent’s talent was recently featured in Modern Salon magazine, Salon Sophisticate magazine and Sophisticates HairStyle Guide.

Sandar Scaiano

Respected New York City Branding and Tech Brain whose passion s to get women turned onto o Tech. With over 20 years in PR & Marketing for the world’s most recognizable brands Sandra helps entrepreneurs move forward in their business through Web Design and Brand Strategy. Her clients include international speakers, Universities, coaches, and women living their passion. Expertise in design (yeah, she’s using her Fine Arts degree), digital marketing, and branding, allows for her to work long-term with her clients and serve them through their different stages of business growth. She is the creator of Studio SandraSky, a video platform that cuts the learning curve on all the tools used to run a digital business. Her motto “I’m playing the Long Game”!

Ruth Pike- Elliot PT Ruth Pike- Elliot PT

Specialist is passionate about educating and empowering women from a holistic perspective and has created a program for women, called "Save your Vagina." Ruth Elliot earned a master’s degree in Physical Therapy from Western Carolina University and a Bachelor of Arts with a double major in Biology and Music in South Carolina. She then attended massage therapy school and is currently a licensed massage and body worker holding an advanced certification in neuromuscular massage therapy. Ruth completed her graduate research thesis studying urinary incontinence in collegiate female athletes and has been mentored by specialists in Women’s Health PT and osteopathic manual therapy. In addition to advanced coursework in women’s health physical therapy (WHPT), she was certified in Holistic PelvicCare™ and Advanced Energy Techniques by Tami Lynn Kent in Portland Oregon. Ruth utilizes a holistic approach to WHPT improving the mind-body connection of her clients which helps manage pain, heal from pelvic trauma, improve physical alignment, and support emotional well-being.

Schedule/ DetailsThe one- day workshop features experts in these “Touchy Subjects”

  1. Speakers Begin at 10:30

  2. Q and A session

  3. Sunday Sept 15,2019 at The Asheville Social Hall

  4. Tickets are $79/69* (Early Bird by August 20, 2019

  5. •Lunch Provided.

  6. Special Coffee and Cake Break

  7. Gift Bags for all attendees

A delicious Gluten Free and Dairy Free Lunch provided as well as a Coffee and Cake Time!

Meet other amazing women in your city and prepare to be more !


Who can attend?

Women who are ready to have fun, learn and have their questions answered.! Bring your sister, your friends, anyone that will benefit from this amazing day of knowledge. We think the topics are relative to women of a certain age.

What should I bring?

Open Mind, open heart pen, notebook and water bottle

What should I wear?

We are gonna move around so dress comfy.

What should I leave at home?

Kids. Closed mind.

Where do I park?

Directly across the street from The Asheville Social Hall is paid parking. Try that sport first. There is also weekend parking in the Hometrust Bank Parking Lot and it's a super fast and easy walk to the Asheville Social Hall

Where do I eat?

With us on site. We are going to have lunch for you. It's gonna be gluten free and dairy free with vegetarian options.

I have more questions?

Please email us at

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