Christine DiBenedetto is a business owner, salon owner, creator, educator, professional conversation starter and thought leader . Over 20 years of experience with creating and managing a successful business which includes a salon, beauty business, real estate, theatre group and curriculums. Her specialty has been idea generation and working with sensitive topics. She is a motivational speaker, coach and has a positive message to share. She has a series of programs in Asheville, NC called “Touchy Subjects.” and teaches business foundations to start up small businesses.

You can work with me three ways:

1) One on One Coaching for Women

2) I can come to your salon or business and offer programing to you, your staff or both. * see Topics below

3) I offer group coaching

4) Attend a Touchy Subjects Event

Email me : for inquires.

*Christine does not take clients at her salon, Wink anymore.*

Topics Can Include

  1. Salon Owners Mindset: Stop being afraid of your staff and your customers.

  2. Make more money by Creating Specialties in Your Salon and Carving Out Your Market Niche.

  3. Owning the Conversation of Thinning Hair in your salon

  4. The needs of the Curly Hair client

  5. Brining out the best in your and your business partner

  6. What the hell are my core values? Why is mission so important?

Current Engagements Classes and Speaking

  • What Curly Hair Clients Need (Rene Furterer Pro) -Douglas Carol Salon - Raleigh, NC, June 24, 2019
    Touchy Subjects Hair, Sex and Tech - Asheville, NC, September15, 2019

  • Thinning Hair Solutions (Rene Furterer Pro)- Benjamin Salon - Sept. 23, 2019 Los Angles, CA
    Be Her: An Event For Women - Asheville, NC, Oct 30, 2019

What people have to say about Christine’s work:

“This Course How to Succeed Without Being an Expert: Starting the Conversation of Thinning Hair. completely changed the way I think about thinning hair.
For 20 years in the business I denied, danced around the subject, and I didn’t serve thinning hair clients as a result. Honestly, I feel 100% more confident talking to clients, identifying hair loss and offering solutions in the salon.”

— Ashely Ascevedo, Carol and Betty’s Salon - Atlanta, GA

“Christine’s talents range from being a hairstylist and curly hair specialist to thinning hair expert and salon owner. Talented as she is, her gift is that she wants to share her knowledge, leading her to become a sought-after commentator, educator, and blogger.
Her passion is to get people talking, understanding and solving issues with thinning hair. That passion has people clamoring to hear her thoughts. The information is always simple, insightful and pleasantly inspirational.
She once said, “Thinning hair is more than an industry, it’s a community. “
Christine is a community leader to keep an eye on moving forward.”

— Chuck Hezekiah, Salon Education and Events Manager - Rene' Furterer Hair Care

Christine’s class was an eye opening education for our team.  The conversation of thinning hair needed to be started with a goal, to help the client look their best. This is a must for any salon or stylist whose purpose is to care for and empower their clients in all hair situations. Big Life, Thin Hair - highly recommended. 
Tena Frideell  Co- Owner Ananda Hair Studio Asheville, NC

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