I hope that you've read even a little of My Story and you know that I am absolutely on your team - whether you're a woman with thinning hair, a salon owner or stylist who needs a new perspective or someone interested in taking better care of the hair they have on their head. I promise that get it. I may not know you, but I've asked the questions and lived the process of

  • realizing that I have thinning hair, 
  • caring for the hair I have on my head,
  • showing others how to do the same with my gentle hair care method,
  • mentoring and training my salon's stylist to do the same,
  • changing my mindset,
  • diving into a bigger life and loving it,
  • empowering others to do the same.

I have done the mental and emotional calisthenics as a woman with thinning hair for over a couple of decades. AND -- DURING THAT TIME, I've also been a successful stylist, salon owner, a leader, a mentor and coach. It started with me, grew into my work and is now become a process of caring for your hair and your head.... the scalp, the follicles and the self doubt.

I've determined that a combination of practical and gentle hair and scalp care and a new mindset that guides me have made it possible for me to live this big, fun, crazy, life.

If you are a women with thinning hair, you are not alone. My first bit of advice is for you to find a competent, caring stylist who knows your head, cares about you and will take this journey with you. This is an important first step. This site is filled with tools, tips, tricks, videos, products, and expert information that you and your trusted ally can review and use together. Take care of the hair you have on your head by using my gentle hair care philosophy.

If you are a stylist who is ready to learn more about how to be that trusted stylist and ally, then I hope you'll read more about what I've trained stylists in my own salon to understand and enroll in one of my upcoming e-courses. I'll share more about that soon!