A Letter to you...... (if your hair is thinning)

Dear Amazing Woman,

So hopefully you’ve read My Story and checked out my blog and now know that I am absolutely on your team. I get it. I may not know you, but I feel you and where you are. This short letter has a couple of goals.

One is to arm you with what you need to find the right stylist. This is a really important step in helping you move forward, no matter where you are in the thinning hair journey. You need a competent, caring ally.
Second, I want to encourage you to write your own story and start living your life fully. Fear is natural and avoiding stress on this journey is paramount. I know that! But your story shouldn't be about hiding. It should be hopeful, happy, inspiring and about the courageous interesting woman you are. There’s a time to feel sorry about your hair situation and then it’s time to turn the page and write the next chapter. My goal is to help get you there, with tools, tips, tricks, videos, products, expert information and all the education, empowerment and love you need to live big.